Easter Holidays

Please note that the office will be closed from 12:00 on 4th April (Friday) until 09:00 on 14th April (Monday), and from 17:00 on 16th April (Thursday) until 09:00 on 22nd April (Tuesday). Thank you.

XHTML validation button returns an error

If you click over the XHTML validation button in the footer of any of our web pages and a page opens up stating "Sorry! This document cannot be checked - No referer header found" error, it's not our web site that's failed.

Browsers send more data to web sites than you think

When you click over a link to another web site, as well as sending the address of the required web site out in to the ether, a whole load of other information is sent too. One of these pieces of information is called a 'header referer' and it tells the web site you are linking to which web site contained the link you clicked over. This enables owners of these web sites to track how visitors have arrived at their web site.

Some browsers and firewalls disable header referers

When you receive a "No referer header found", having clicked over our XHTML validation button, it could be because your browser is set up not to send these referral headers, or your firewall is configured to block them.