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Web design portfolio - Brandfly

Brandfly came to us at a local exhibition and requested a new web site to consolidatethe many web sites he had, a different one for each service, and to also improve the site's search engine optimisation.

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Brandfly web site

What our client has to say

Testimonial imminent...




Brandfly web site

Search engine optimisation

Through careful coding of the web site and writing of the content, the web site has been ranked on ther first page of Google for most of the required keywords - in several cases we have achieved first place rankings against much more established web sites.




Brandfly web site

Ease of use

The web site has been designed to be as easy as possible to use by as many people as possible. All of the content, including the menu buttons, are resizable by the visitor - resulting in a web site that is accessible by those with sight problems.

All of our web sites are designed to be accessible by disabled people so you can be sure that your web site is 'visible' to as wide an audience as possible.




Brandfly web site

Big footers

Large footers at the bottom of web pages are becoming very common these days as they are an excellent way of getting important information infront of visitors without detracting from the page's main content. It also gives us a great opportunity to get our keyword count up and improve the site's search engine ranking.


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