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Web design portfolio - Cases Faces

The Cases Faces web site was created within strict guidelines from the owner - it had to match her existing business cards and leaflets as closely as possible - we are pleased to say that we succeeded. This was the first time we used a lightbox effect for the image gallery, before they became really popular.

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Cases Faces web site

What our client has to say






Wolf Heating's web page header was designed to resemble van as closely as possible


Like many other sites, branding was a major issue on this web site - despite the fact that the client didn't have the original art work we were successfully able to recreate a suitable alternative from her previous web site.




Wolf Heating - Number 1 on Google for 'Underfloor Heating West Lancashire'

Lightbox gallery

Before lightboxes became universally accepted we were using them on the Cases Faces web site. This enabled us to store a large number of images on a relatively small page - the images are blown up to full size when clicked on.


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