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Web design portfolio - G7LFC

The G7LFC web site is a Wordpress blog, created using a colourful template, that is home to one of our partner's personal web site and is used to reflect his interests.

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Derek Hughes' (G7LFC) personal Wordpress blog

About the site

The site has been designed to be bright and airy and uses a ready-built, widget friendly, Wordpress template, Fervens C 1.1, from Design Disease.

Derek uses the site to blog about all his out-of-work activities and interests including photography, Amateur Radio, Lancashire, motorsport, communications, shipping, aircraft, cars and, of course, computing (amongst others).




G7LFC Wordpress blog utilises widgets

Widget friendly

The theme used is widget friendly which means that we have been able to incorporate mini applications in the two sidebars to the right of the content.

Widgets used include:

  • Twitter widget- interrogates the owner's Twitter account and posts the latest tweet on the blog.
  • NextGen widget - displays the latest uploaded images and displays them in a lightbox.
  • Socialprofilr - Links the visitor to the owner's social media networking sites.



The G7LFC Wordpress blog utilises lots of search engine optimisation enhancements

Search Engine Optimisation

Out of the box, Wordpress is not very search engine friendly. However, we've worked hard to counter this by using custom permalinks and the All in One SEO plugin by Semper Fi Web Design and the Google XML Sitemaps plugin

The All in One SEO plugin allows you to include custom page titles, description and keyword meta-tags and you can set pages not to be indexed if they contain duplicate information - something Google dislikes.

The XML Sitemap Generator builds XML sitemaps and submits them to Google automatically, every time your web site is updated. Google can then index the site and start ranking it.


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