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Web design portfolio - Waterproofing UK

Abacus Construction Products already had an eCommerce web site, but they were not happy with the image it was presenting of the fact that it wasn't very well optimised for search engines. dynanti web design have created a new web site and branded it Waterproofing UK in an attempt to get the site ranked for this keyword to visitors within the United Kingdom.

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Waterproofing UK web site

What our client has to say






Wolf Heating's web page header was designed to resemble van as closely as possible

Call to action

Visitors to web sites need to be told what to do, just as readers of leaflets and newspaper advertisments are.

dynanti web design have placed prominent calls to action all over the web site in an attempt to drive visitors to contact Abacus for further details of their products.

There are also prominent links to their existing web site which continues to house their on-line eCommerce facility.




Wolf Heating - Number 1 on Google for 'Underfloor Heating West Lancashire'

Search engine optimisation

dynanti web design have worked hard with the folk at Waterproofing UK to get the site ranked by Google and we're being rewarded with quality results now by using good and honest white-hat techniques, as opposed to some of the dodgy black-hat techniques some so-called search engine optimisation specialists employ.

For example, the Waterproofing UK web site is ranked on page 4 of Google for the very generic key phrase, 'waterproofing walls'. That's in the top 40 out of more than 2.1 million results returned by Google for that search phrase.


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