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Web design portfolio - Wolf Heating

Wolf Heating is a well established firm of heating and plumbing engineers, based in Burscough with clients located throughout West Lancashire.

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Wolf Heating web site

What our client has to say

I was recommended dynanti by West Lancashire District Council and they did a great job on my web site - within one week it was generating income for me.

My site can be found on the first page of Google listsings for all my main keywords.

Andy Bell - Wolf Heating




Wolf Heating's web page header was designed to resemble van as closely as possible


Andy made it quite clear to us that one of his primary requirements was that the branding of the web site should be as close as possible to that of his immaculate van that can be seen travelling around West Lancashire. This we achieved with some success as can be seen in the image to the right.




Wolf Heating - Number 1 on Google for 'Underfloor Heating West Lancashire'

Search Engine Optimisation

Andy was keen for his web site to be at the very top of the search engine listings for his keywords.

Our efforts have seen Wolf Heating appear:



Wolf Heating - Number 1 on Google for 'Underfloor Heating West Lancashire'

Revenue earning

Everyone wants to see their web site work for them - Wolf Heating's web site was generating serious business within weeks of going live.

Within the first two weeks of the web site being live it had generated two new central heating installations and several other jobs.

The site worked overtime during the winter of 2010, the coldest winter on record for many a year, as new clients searched for a plumber to clear frozen and repair burst pipes.


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