Easter Holidays

Please note that the office will be closed from 12:00 on 4th April (Friday) until 09:00 on 14th April (Monday), and from 17:00 on 16th April (Thursday) until 09:00 on 22nd April (Tuesday). Thank you.

Domain name registration & web site hosting

The domain name you pick for your web site can be as important as the rest of the web site itself, pick the right one and Google can look extremely favourable on you and accelerate your site up the search engine rankings. dynanti web design can help you choose the right domain name and register it for you. Thereafter, we'll look after it for you and renew it when the time becomes due. Just sit back, and we'll sort everything out for you.

When it comes to hosting your web site, you want a host that is reliable, quick to deliver your web site content to your visitors and cost effective. dynanti web design offers hosting through one of the UK's top providers with an enviable record for reliability. Our prices are also extremely competitive giving you excellent value for money to boot.

World's top domain registrar

dynanti web design registers all of it's domains through the worlds biggest domain registrar, 1&1. They have provided us with an excellent, fast and responsive service since we started in 2007 and we are proud to have them as a partner.

Let dynanti register your domain

By having dynanti web design register your domain with 1&1 we will look after everything for you - all maintenance, correspondence and renewals.

Award winning hosting

All of dynanti web design's web sites are hosted on servers owned and maintained by Heart Internet.

Fastest growing

Heart Internet were named the second fastest growing technology company and the first fastest growing Internet company in the 2009 'Deloitte Technology Fast 50' awards.

Reliability & service

Furthermore PC Pro magazine has consistently voted Heart Internet as an award finalist every year since 2007.

Compiled from the UK's largest independent survey of IT customer satisfaction, the PC Pro Reliability & Service Awards are the most comprehensive guide to customer support and product reliability in Europe.

Email hosting included

Don't look cheap

There's nothing more off-putting to prospects that visiting a web site with a custom and purposful web address (e.g. mydomain.co.uk) and then having to send mail to mydomain@aol.com, or mydomain@google.com. It's so unprofessional.

Email hosting included with dynanti web design web hosting

All of dynanti web design's web sites come complete with an email service so that you can have as many email addresses you like at the same domain name as your web site (e.g. dave@mydomain.co.uk).

Cost-effective web site hosting

A single price

dynanti web design believes that all it's clients should benefit from a single tier pricing structure for web site hosting that is easy to understand and fair.

A fair price

We're not in the business of ripping off our clients and charging them a monthly fee for the web site hosting whilst we sit here and do nothing for it.

Wow! Only £40 per year

That's right - we only have one hosting charge - £40 per year.

None of dynanti's web design competitors come close to being able to offer the level of service and features we do for this low price.

Transfer your web site hosting to dynanti web design now!

Contact us now and transfer the hosting of your web site to dynanti web design.


100% Dell, 100% Cisco

dynanti web design's web sites are hosted on high quality, state-of-the-art, Dell web servers that are accessed through industry-leading Cisco routers and switches for maximum reliability on a 10Gb/sec network.

Automatic fail-over

If an email server falls over another server automatically, and without delay, takes over its workload. During the process, no emails are lost.

Strong data backup

All of Heart Internet's web servers are arranged in arrays that are constantly mirroring each other so that, should a web server fail, it can be restored right up to the exact point in time the server failed.

Furthermore, overnight backup are taken of every server and stored off-site for maximum security.

Dual redundant firewalls

All of the web servers that host dynanti web design's web sites are located behind dual redundant firewalls helping to prevent unauthorised access.

Secure FTP

Unlike many web site hosting providers, Heart Internet have implemented secure FTP access - FTP accounts are locked by default preventing unauthorised access to your web site even if your FTP login details are compromised.

Windows or Linux?

Red Hat Linux

Most of dynanti web design's web sites are hosted on web servers running Red Hat Linux - the number one choice for web hosting companies. It has achieved this enviable reputation because it is, quite simply, the most stable operating system available on the market today.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

For those web sites that need to be hosted on a Windows platform then dynanti web design can host sites on servers running the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system. This is the most advanced system of its type to-date and it can be used to develop feature rich web applications.

Trust dynanti to host your web site

dynanti web design offers domain registration and web hosting services