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eMail Marketing - keep your clients and prospects informed

eMail Marketing (eMarketing) is a powerful and flexible way of direct marketing to your existing clients and prospects. It enables you to communicate with your clients and prospects quickly and cheaply.

Why eMail Market?

Unfortunately, we can all be a bit forgetful. We know we employed a really good plumber a couple of years ago, but can't remember who it was when we need him again. What if the plumber had kept in touch every couple of months with an email, we'd know who it was the next time we required his services.

Using dynanti's eMail Marketing (eMarketing) service you can keep your organisation infront of your existing clients and prospects by emailing them regularly with your news, special offers, hints and tips, how-to articles, new products and services.

How does eMail Marketing work?

dynanti web design will set you up an account with one of the world's leading eMail Marketing (eMarketing) service providers.

You will receive a custom designed email template that will reflect the design of your web site - keeping your branding the same across web, email and print is vital if it is to become established and instantly recognisable.

You can use this template to create your own emails.

With your account you will be able to send upto 3,000 email per month, to upto 500 contacts, free of charge each month. Use of the eMail Marketing (eMarketing) service over this free monthly quota will attract a small charge which is payable direct to the service provider.

Stimulating newsletters

A hard sell in your eMail Marketing (eMarketing) campaigns is not always a sure-fire way of increasing your business. How many times do you purchase immediately from those that send you hard sales emails?

We believe that it is best to encourage a level of desire in your customers so that they look forward to receiving your next email.

dynanti web design receives lots of emails every day, but the majority of emails that we keep are those that contain useful information about web design that we can research and start to deploy in our own sites. We also find the newsletter from a local firm of accountants very useful as it summarises current news and details how it effects the running of our business. The emails selling computers, web services, and the like, are deleted almost immediately.

You're more likely to be remembered by your clients and prospects if you constantly drip feed them really useful pieces of information, hints and tips, etc., than if you are always trying the hard sell.

How effective are my emails?

Sending an email from your desktop returns little, or no, information about effective that email was. You can ask for a recipt, but if the recipient's email client doesn't return recipts, you won't get one.

Our eMail Marketing (eMarketing) service provider gives you full statistics on how effective your emails were and tells you:

  • How many of the emails were opened and who opened them
  • How many bounced because the email address was incorrect (and removes them from the mailing list)
  • What percentage of those who opened the email clicked on a link to your web site and which pages they visited
  • How many times the email was forwarded on to other people
  • How many times the email has been opened (recipients might keep opening the email and using it for reference)

eMail vs eMail Marketing

Many people ask us why they can't send all their emails using their desktop email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Unfortunately, most Internet Service Providers are not happy to allow you to send the same email to lots of recipients for fear of being party to the sending of spam and put limits on the number of emails you can send in one sitting, each day, etc.

dynanti web design's eMail Marketing service allows you to send large amounts of mail in one sitting without being affected by your Internet Service Providers limits.

eMail Marketing and the law

Both dynanti web design and our eMail Marketing (eMarketing) service provider strive to ensure that you operate within the law.

Prior consent is required

Before you can email anybody, they must have given you permission to email them. This could be from an opt-in form on your web site, or by someone giving you their business card at a network meeting - they're inviting you to contact them.


If you send emails to people from whom you have not received consent, you can be guilty of spamming, a criminal offence under the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Allow recipients to unsubscribe

Everyone who receives an email from you must be able to unsubscribe from receiving future emails. All our templates include an 'unsubscribe' link.

Data protection

You must clearly define what you will do and won't do with customer and prospect details once you have collected them. All dynanti web design sites include a free privacy page that explains this to visitors and should be linked to from all emails, contact forms and web pages.

Include full business details

If your business is a limited liability partnership, or limited company, the Companies Act 1985 requires that all business emails and printed stationery include:

  • Company/Partnership registration number
  • Place of registration
  • Registered office address

Failure to comply with the Act places the organisation at risk of a fine. All dynanti web design email templates include these business details in the footer.

This information is not required for sole traders and standard partnerships.

Further information

Further informatiuon about email and the law can be found on the Pinsent Masons web site.

eMail Marketing - quick & effective

eMail Marketing (eMarketing) - quick and effective