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Social media networking - Engage thousands of new prospects

There are millions, if not billions, of users of social media networks around the world. A good proportion of these users will be interested, at some time, in the products and services your organisation offers. So how are you going to tap in to this market?

You could sit back wait for them to search Google using the keywords you optimised your web site for? What happens if they search using obscure keywords that your site isn't optimised for? What happens if they don't search Google and search their social media network instead?

Alternatively you could get yourself in to the thick of the action, join the major social media networks and start promoting your products and services. Now your web site can be found by those using Google and those using social media networks - you've opened up your business to a whole new market place.

Why social media networking?

Interact with your prospects

Social media networking is all about interacting with people on the Internet using various forms of media; print, audio, video and photographs. Each of these forms of media appeal to a proportion of your community, so together they cover everyone.

There are lots of networks out there that enable you to post media to the world. For example:

Once you've joined in and started to interact, your services and products will start to appear when propsects search for them.

Have your clients and prospects interact with you

Furthermore, you can encourage your existing clients to post positive comments on your networks and this will help your credibility ranking when prospects do fine you.

Of course, your clients will expect you to reciprocate - but that's only fair.

What is the benefit?

Without social media networking your prospects can find your web site in one of three ways; search engine, link from another site, a web address printed somewhere.

Increase your target audience

With social media networking, your prospects could also find you on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket, iTunes, YouTube, LinkedIn, Plaxo and Picassa (to name but a few). With all your social media network accounts linking to your web site - you've just opened up your web to thousands of new prospects.

Build credibility

If your existing clients have been kind enough to post comments on your social media networking accounts, then this will build credibility with prospects that discover you.

Cost effective and credible

These days, we all need to cut our cloth and make sacrifices to keep our business healthy. Unfortunately, marketing is usually one of the areas to get hit first and this is madness - good marketing leads to more sales and higher profits.

Is our marketing cost effective?

We've just paid £200 for four posters to display on our stand at a business exhibition. They're going to be seen for one day only and may end up in the bin at the end of it.

Social media networking is cost effective

Social media networking costs us nothing, except our time, but what we post stays on that network until we take it off. Now that's what we call value for money.

Social media networking builds credibility

We've only got space on our exhibition stand for four posters, to put another one up, we have to take one down.

Every post that we make on a social media network stays there and builds up to form a library of posts. If our prospects see lots of posts from us, they'll think we're a much better organisation than if we only had one, or two.

The more we post, the higher our credibility soars.

I want to grow my business

Good, that's what we all want to do - that's why we're in business.

However, to grow your business you have to stay connected to your clients and prospects. Virtually every organisation can use social media networking to increase the value your business and brand, sales and profits. Even non-profits can benefit, increasing the brand awareness of the organisation and the services they provide.

Get people talking about you

Wouldn't it be great if your clients did your marketing for you? Many established businesses have managed this enviable status - it's what we rely on mainly, so we know it works.

A major marketing goal

It should be every business' goal to get people talking about your products and services. No marketing stratergy works better than word of mouth - this is because these recommendations are personal and highly trusted by those that receive them.

Utilise social media networking

By posting on social media networking web sites, you're providing content for people to talk about.

Imaging this: Someone wants their patio cleaning, so they search for patio cleaner. Up comes your video on YouTube showing your patio cleaner in action - impressive. Even more impressive are the comments below it, "I used this patio cleaner and it was fantastic", and there's several more below it. Your prospect is very impressed and follows the link to your web site and places an order.

Or how about: Someone wants a new conservatory and they search for conservatories. Up comes your entry on LinkedIn. They view your profile and see thirteen recommendations from other users of LinkedIn - all very positive. The prospect decides you're worth contacting and calls you - you're on your own now, social media networking has done it's work very effectively and driven that prospect to you.

Start harnessing the power of social media networking today

Without doubt, social media networking is a very powerful and exteremely cost effective marketing tool indeed - you need to start harnessing it today to ensure the competition doesn't steal your lime light.

How can dynanti help?

Taster sessions

We can run taster sessions to show you how to get started with social media networking and open your business to thousands of new prospects.

Social media networking taster sessions start at just £40 for an hour's one-to-one coaching.

Setup social media networking accounts

We can create social media networking accounts for you and give you training in the basics.

A half day session in creating and running a marketing campaign on a social media network costs just £120 - that's £80 less than our four posters and with much longer-lasting benefits.

Link social media networks together

It is possible to link several social media networks together - post something to one and it automatically gets replicated on other networks.

We can set up these links to save you even more time and widen the exposure of your posts.

Contact us for further details.

Social media networking services

Social media networking - reach thousands of new prospects