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Web Training - Helping you understand the Internet better

Having a good understanding of a subject helps us to use it better and benefit more from it. dynanti web design provides a host of Internet training packages from how to use the Internet, Social Media Networks, and the like, right through how to develop, build and maintain your own web site. If you want to understand the Internet better, contact dynanti web design now.

Both our partners are full qualified and experienced IT instructors and members of the Institute for Learning.

Internet Usage & Security

Internet usage

The Internet is a huge information resource, a one-stop-shop for almost anything you can think of. But do we get the best out of it? Do we know how to get to what we want quickly?

dynanti web design can help you use search engines better to get to the information you want, quickly and effectively. We can show you how to locate and search specicialist sites - including directories and social media networks. Everything you want is out there, we'll show you how to get it.

Internet Security

We've all heard the horror stories about bank accounts being emptied, social networking sites being hacked and our Ebay accounts being hijacked and used to sell unsavoury products. But how many people take it seriously - we all think it won't happen to us.

dynanti web design can show you how to keep your business and home computers safe, what software to install to check your computers are clean, how to stop your staff and children from accessing sites you don't want them to.

There are too many people out there eager to get their hands on your data, money and more. Don't become one of the casualties - we'll help you protect yourself.

Using Social Media Networks

Many people cringe when we suggest that they set up an account with a social media networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn - they just don't know how to get started, or how to them to promote their business.

Let dynanti web design take the pain out social media networking for you

dynanti web design can take all the pain of setting up social media network accounts - we will set up them up for you and show you how to use them. What's more, we'll even get you on your way by introducing you to some of our social media networking contacts so you'll be up-and-running in no time.

Optimising images for the web

If you're maintaining your web site yourself, or running your own email marketing (eMarketing) campaigns, then you will need to know how to create graphics for you web site, or emails. If you don't, you could end up with massively distorted web pages and emails that wouldn't do the image of your business any good at all.

Free software with our image optimisation training

dynanti web design will provide you with free software and show you how to use it to produce those perfectly web-optimised images.

Google Analytics

All of dynanti web design's web sites are automatically linked to our Google Analytics account so that we can monitor the performance and popularity of your new web site. We use this information to determine when changes to the site are due and what those changes should be, in order to keep your site ranked with the search engines.

Get the best of Google Analytics with dynanti web design

Normally our clients rely on us to translate and act upon the monthly copies of the reports that Google Analytics produces, but if you've requested us to set up a Google Analytics account specifically for you, you might find that interpreting the reports is not that easy. We can show which are the best reports to run and how to understand the information it produces.

If you're mystified by Google Analytics, contact dynanti web design now for help.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is not a black art, but the goalposts are constantly moving. How web sites were optimised for search engines last week might not be how we do it this week. But that's where dynanti web design comes in.

Maintain your search engine ranking

If you're maintaining your own web site you will need to know how to optimise it every time you update it. If you don't you may find your web site slipping down the search engine rankings and that's not what anyone wants. dynanti web design can help you prevent this from happening.

Free tools and checklists

dynanti web design will give you access to free tools, provide you with checklists and show you how to perform the required tasks that you need perform to keep your web site where it needs to be - at the top of the search engine rankings.

Call dynanti web design now to find out how to keep your web site in tip-top shape.

Build your own web site

The partners of dynanti web design have been developing and delivering web design courses for one of the regions top colleges for over two years now.

We now run three web design courses for our clients that will help you understand how to build web sites that really do work - and we don't mean by using cheap off-the-shelf web design software you can buy at your local computer shop.

Introduction to HTML

dynanti web design's first course shows you how to use the language of the web, HTML, to build basic web sites. You'll learn how to; design and plan a web site from scratch, code that web site using HTML, optimise and utilise graphics effectively, use links to join pages together and link to other web sites, create forms, get your visitors to email you and upload your site to a web server. In addition, we'll also introduce you to the principles of usability and accessibility.

Introducing CSS and JavaScript

Expanding on the Introduction to HTML course, dynanti web design will show you how to; use cascading style sheets (CSS) to enhance your web sites and build modern looking sites, use JavaScript to introduce interactivity bewteen the web site and its users and introduce you to the Jquery tools library to give your web sites that professional flair.

Using spreadhseets and databases on the web

Did you know that you can use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases with your web site to present large amounts of data to your web site's visitors? dynanti web design will show you how.

Free domain name and hosting for all web design delegates

To give you the opportunity to practise your web design skills all dynanti web design's delegates on these courses will receive a free UK domain name, registered for two years, and one year's free hosting for your web site on our servers.

Course materials

Course materials for the following courses are available. Please note that you will require the username and password you were issued with when you enrolled on the course.

  • Web Design (HTML)
  • Web Design (CSS)
  • Web Design (Javascript)
  • Web Design (ASP databases)

Training from the professionals

dynanti web design delivers quality web training